Data Analytics and AI for business


Sounds simple enough, and this is our rather ‘simple’ goal. To make machine learning, AI, and advanced data analytics techniques more accessible to small businesses. You don’t have to look very far to find evidence of the impact AI has on small businesses, in a recent article by Forbes, they outline four key benefits of AI for business including business intelligence, enhancing customer engagement, supercharging sales, and marketing and streamlining HR-related tasks .

In a recent study by Cameron et al., (2017), it was demonstrated that the use of AI and machine learning tools for HR has a positive effect on employee engagement and long-term satisfaction. This expanded upon by Prentince et al., (2020) who add that the use of such tools has a lasting impact on the loyalty of both employees and customers.

Data Analytics

Powerful insight and forecasting

Want to know more about what drives your customers? What aspects of your business are costing you money? or even, why some products sell better than others? Our research and analytic skills help your business make the most of your data.

With insights to hand, let's forecast and predict what comes next.

Supercharge your business processes with intelligent systems and reduce error, enhance customer satisfaction, generate business insights, and save time and money.

How We Take Your Business
From Good To Great

We analyse your project goals & objectives

We work with your team to understand your project, identify implementation strategy, key success metrics and make sure we understand your goals and expectations.

Develop a bespoke solution

We’ll work together to develop a customised plan for your solution, including key deliverables, milestones and success metrics ensuring your business needs are met and expectations surpassed.

Implement your Solution

Take your business to the next level by implementing the customised plan we developed with your team.

Data analytics and AI at the heart of your business

Modern computing means that every business can take advantage of data analytics and artificial intelligence, tools previously reserved for arenas like research and academia. Whether you are an online retailer, manufacturer, investment firm, or training provider you likely hold a wealth of information on your customers, their purchases, interactions, and feedback. Through the intelligent processing of this data, you can gain new insight into your customer’s patterns and behaviours and inform key business decisions using data analytics and AI for business. There has never been a better time to supercharge your business processes, reduce cost, reduce risk and save the most important commodity of all, time. As a team of researchers and engineers, we are equipped with the skills necessary to help your business integrate AI systems into your daily operation.

Why choose Vsio?

Whatever your business nature, ordinary or difficult we are happy to help. Talk to us and get assistance from our experts.


Your work is unique, safe and secure under non-disclosure.

Custom Solutions

Bespoke solutions unique to your business needs


We aim to ensure your new solution integrates seamlessly within your existing systems.

Competitive pricing

We are confident in our pricing and will aim to match if you find a better deal.

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