Text Data Analysis: Unveiling Financial Luminaries

In an era saturated with information, identifying the crème de la crème of global financial speakers is no small task. Our client approached us with a clear but challenging mandate: to delve into a sprawling dataset and pinpoint the top 10 speakers making waves in the financial world. With 16,000 rows of text data as our starting point, our mission was to extract, refine, and present a list of names representative of industry thought leaders.

Text Data Analysis

As any data scientist will attest, raw data often comes with its fair share of noise. Our first hurdle was to efficiently pull names from the vast sea of text—a task where the precision of Named Entity Recognition (NER) became indispensable. The world of NER offers numerous models, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Our quest led us to Python, where we evaluated various models, seeking that sweet spot between computational speed and accuracy.

However, before we could unleash the chosen NER model on our dataset, it demanded meticulous grooming. We embarked on a multi-stage refinement process:

  • Data Cleaning: Sifting through the data, we purged low-quality entries, excised extraneous html tags, symbols, and numbers. This step was pivotal in conserving computational resources without denting accuracy.
  • Relevance Filtering: To ensure alignment with the client’s focus on financial services, we meticulously filtered the dataset. Employing keyword searches, irrelevant rows were swiftly sidestepped, streamlining our processing phase.

With the cleaned data in hand, the subsequent phases covered entity classification, post-processing adjustments for fine-tuned results, and ultimately, crafting a client-friendly presentation complete with data visualisations.

Text Data Analysis: Results

The project’s culmination was more than just a list—it was an illuminating glimpse into the movers and shakers of the financial world. Though we navigated the delicate balance between speed and accuracy, our extraction painted a vivid picture of industry leaders. Our final presentation didn’t merely enumerate names; it offered an in-depth analysis of their collective and individual impacts, cementing their relevance in the financial realm. With data-driven insights, we provided our client with a tool to engage with the foremost voices shaping financial discourse today.

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