Advanced Data Analytics: Elevating Tennis Match Predictions

In the dynamic world of professional tennis, our client approached us with a vision: to use advanced data analytics to significantly enhance their existing prediction model for match outcomes. With a current accuracy rate of 69%, the aspiration was to utilize a comprehensive dataset of 103 columns to innovate and refine their forecasting techniques.

Advanced Data Analytics: Challenges & Solutions

The journey wasn’t smooth sailing from there. The data within these 23 columns required intense cleaning and pre-processing:

  • We encountered a high number of missing values, especially concerning player heights and weights. To address this, we replaced the missing values with mean values after a thorough analysis.
  • Over half of the dataset lacked information about the tier of the tournaments. This crucial detail was meticulously sourced online and integrated into our data.
  • Prize values, unfortunately, were riddled with monetary symbols, which had to be carefully extracted and replaced with standardized values for consistent processing.
  • Additionally, we identified the need to incorporate new features. One such feature was a player’s age, which we ingeniously calculated by subtracting their birth date from the date of the match.

After this intensive data preparation phase, we ventured into the domain of predictive modelling. Several algorithms were trained, and their accuracies painstakingly documented, with the aim of identifying the best-suited model for the unique challenges of our dataset.

Advanced Data Analytics
Advanced Data Analytics


Despite the extended project timeline due to data complexities, our relentless dedication bore fruit. Leveraging the power of the LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) model, we not only met but significantly exceeded the client’s expectations, registering a phenomenal accuracy of 91%. This was a remarkable uplift from the previous 69%, cementing our commitment to data-driven excellence and innovation in sports analytics.


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